This animation is a showcase of the Chromadose project, a heartbeat biofeedback program I developed utilizing Microdose VR within Unreal Engine, programmed as a Niagara particle system. Created in collaboration with Muse the Brain Sensing Headband, Chromadose aims to visually represent heartbeat biofeedback in virtual reality.

Upon wearing the VR headset, the user finds themselves in a dynamic 3D tunnel that morphs in response to biofeedback and OSC inputs. At the heart of this immersive experience is an animated mandala, crafted using the Lotus Equation. This feature oscillates and adapts in real time to the user’s heartbeat, creating patterns reminiscent of those found on a Yantra through the use of polar coordinates. The Lotus Equation allows for customization, offering variables like the number of petals, particle density, and the radius, as well as the ability to adjust the curvature of both the inner and outer edges of the lotus pattern.

This animation shows a fixed 60 BPM, whereas in a live experience it is pulsing in realtime with your heat beat.