A mythic sanctuary of creativity, founded by artists Alex and Allyson Grey, CoSM is an indispensable portal in the world of visionary arts.

Technically, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a¬†trans-denominational interfaith church. Physically it’s a 40 acre piece of land in upstate New York with a growing team of artists, professionals and volunteers. Though to many it’s literally a¬†religion, a community, a way of life.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors’¬†latest website is an effort between Phong Media and¬†the¬†folks at the CoSM Media Lab.¬†Phong Media was hired to manage and develop a custom WordPress theme based on the precise needs of this growing organization, who uses their website as a venue to promote events, do fund raising, document current events, and help people learn in-depth about their organization.

Additional credits on the website include several of the wonderful folks at the CoSM media lab including:

  • Scott Hedstrom – Support Programming
  • Jon Ohia – Management
  • Joness Jones – Graphic Design
  • Torrance Miller – Data Migrations

Thanks to everybody who helped the website come together. Check out the website now and ‚Äļ‚Äļ¬†enter the world of CoSM.