A mythic sanctuary of creativity, founded by artists Alex and Allyson Grey, CoSM is an indispensable portal in the world of visionary arts.

Technically, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a trans-denominational interfaith church. Physically it’s a 40 acre piece of land in upstate New York with a growing team of artists, professionals and volunteers. Though to many it’s literally a religion, a community, a way of life.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors’ latest website is an effort between Phong Media and the folks at the CoSM Media Lab. Phong Media was hired to manage and develop a custom WordPress theme based on the precise needs of this growing organization, who uses their website as a venue to promote events, do fund raising, document current events, and help people learn in-depth about their organization.

Additional credits on the website include several of the wonderful folks at the CoSM media lab including:

  • Scott Hedstrom – Support Programming
  • Jon Ohia – Management
  • Joness Jones – Graphic Design
  • Torrance Miller – Data Migrations

Thanks to everybody who helped the website come together. Check out the website now and ›› enter the world of CoSM.