This video shows a one hour session in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, condensed into a 2 minute clip.

A common principle in the sigil construction is maintaining consistency between positive and negative space, so the shapes and the space between the shapes interlock harmoniously. This can be easily achieved by using the same line widths for both the shape and the space.

The technique shown here uses harmonic measurements rather than linear cartesian measurements. The way this translates with the 5 pointed star harmonic, is that the shape and space line widths are not linear, with a subtle variation of growing slightly thicker as they approach the center.

Building with this technique uses snap to point method, based on an array of points around the perimeter, on which a custom grid is based. This makes a nice angular consistency in the position of the points. There were some minor complications in the procedure due to a bug in Adobe Illustrator CC, although the general principle can still be observed.



Five Pointed Star Sigil A1 – Made in Adobe Illustrator, filtered with Instagram