In 2012 I released a royalty free set of chakra vectors through the Pod Collective. Over time, reflections of the chakra designs began to spring up in unexpected places. The chakra designs were intended to be a gift to the internet in thanks for all the free images, vectors and code I’ve been able to use for free, and in this way it was very satisfying and rewarding to see how frequently they were downloaded.

Though over time I started to see some ways people were using the chakras which made me reconsider giving these particular designs away freely, including people reselling them more-less as-is to unsuspecting people, which was not part of the royalty free license. It started become clear that some people were using the designs in such a way which doesn’t honor the intended occult power of the chakra designs themselves, and I began to question how they are being distributed.

This should have been anticipated, right? Well in response, I decided to stop distributing the chakra designs, although it’s been interesting to see some of the reflections and creative ways that other designers and artisans have repurposes them. Here are a few images which I found on Etsy of various people using the chakra designs in cool ways.