Cromatti, a custom furniture design company in Southern California, commissioned a series of designs inspired by the platonic solids.

The result is a selection of cloth and leather pillows which compliment their furniture collection, with the designs embossed on them.

Each design started with a 3D model of a platonic solid. Technically, the Stellated Octahedron is the first and only stellation of an Octahedron, also equivalent to two tetrahedrons, thus also known as the Star Tetrahedron. The final design was done by intersecting a Cube with an Octahedron, both which are Platonic Solids.

Not all of the designs made it to final print, although viewable here is the entire set of designs produced.

The pillows can be purchased at ›› Cromatti › Astar Collection

Also shown in this series are an array of tabletop patterns from the Armavi 500 and Chroma collections.