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As if holding a warped mirror to the face of the collective, the photo-imagery of american culture reflects back upon itself, through White America.

Refracted by the kaleidoscopic consciousness of it's creators, fractured glimses of a dying paradigm echo in conditioned patterns, sychronized to a repetitious beat overlayed with profane frustration.

It is but an array of projections and negetive vibes reflecting amongst themselves as they spiral back downwards into complicated tangles of political struggle, arising from masses of human cells attempting to escape their apparent insignificance and insecurity by grappling onto the very social illusions which conditioned them as such in the first place.

Thus a problem arises from the individual's perspective, which is instinctively projected onto the web of governments and corporations just proactively fullfilling a natural tendancy to transcend and control their composing cells- to propogate themselves, as any self-respecting organism might.

The problem is perceived as 'The Man' in general, but there is no man in particular- just cells ritualistically participating in a social organism. The problems arising nowhere but in the minds which support them.

And the monotony of corporate slavery has found it's epitome within this very project, inflicting itself to create illusions reflecting the toil and destruction of that from which it recoils.

Directed by Stephen Marshall
Produced by Ian Inaba
Art direction & animation by Anson Vogt
Artwork by Shawn Schmidt, Dan Clegg
Chorus segments by Haik Hoisington
Track by Eminem | Interscope

Hosted by (mt) MediaTemple