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I am just setting up my guestbook with GuestWorld (formerly LPage), so good by manu-update.

Ryan Palsgaard E-Mail/Homepage
Your work is really outstanding.... It takes years of practice to get where you are.

Doc Ozone E-Mail/Homepage
Cool! The graphics are great, as usual, but I expect that from you these days. The bit with the table bgcolor's going together with the graphic on the top was just great, that really caught my eye. Nice work, overall; only thing I'd like to see are some links to all the past iterations, that'd be totally cool. Later!

MrA E-Mail
I think your page is very good. Especially the navigation star (I've played with it over a minute). Your artwork (which is very good) is rendered in Povray? Keep on good work!!

Rick E-Mail
I like the clean, crisp, uncluttered style and the sharp graphics. Its a killer combination....It really challenges me to trash my own web page and start over.

Patrik Carlson E-Mail/Homepage
Well I've seen great pages and then I mean great pages but your page are beyond everything else. Your entire page are created only with advanced graphic and your layout is outstanding. The JAVA you use and the colours makes your page unbeatable. Incredible. Your page are one of a kind, the best kind

// niXter E-Mail/Homepage
What can I say? Your page gets only better and better every time! I really love your new design! Keep up the awesome work!

Wayne E-Mail
The site is impressive in appearance and content.  The art is so good that it reminds me that I should try to learn to do computer art just because it can be (and is, in this site) quite cool.  The links to programs are helpful in finding something useful.  I liked what I saw so much that I almost forgot that I got on the 'net today with the intention of playing Quake, and it takes a good site to make me forget that.

Alejandro Luengo Gómez E-Mail
Simply Rulez!
SGO, Sales Dept.
  Alias|Wavefront, a Silicon Graphics Company

Sean E-Mail
I thought your site layout was one of the better that I've seen. Very enjoyable site. Sean

Antony Quintal E-Mail/Homepage
very nice! my favorite is 'buckle up'. as a matter of fact i sent that url to a friend.

Zannah E-Mail/Homepage
hey, i just took a look at your web page... your work with POV ray is AWESOME. :)

John Santoscoy E-Mail
Really GOOD!!! The creative talent is OUTSTANDING. Seen alot of pages and this one is impressive. I only regret I can not find a simpler program to obtain similar effects. Congrats - your good, real good!

Marton Czebe E-Mail
Nicest page, I have ever seen. Cool graphics, nice design. Keep on working!

Andrea E-Mail/Homepage
that graphic on the first page, when you put the mouse over it and it kind of turns, it the coolest use of mouseover (i'm assuming) i've ever seen. good job. :)

Mark Bennett E-Mail
Wow! Awesome Page! But, uh, what program did you use to do this? I use Paint Shop Pro to make logo's, but wow, this is outta sight.

Will Moore E-Mail/Homepage
Your page is cool. Many people tell me that my site is the coolest, but then again they don't surf the net as much as I do. I love your site and you have given me a lot of great ideas. Don't worry, I won't steal any of your art or anything like that, although I am tempted. Your site has inspired me to download pov and redo my site. I need a lot of time to do this and its hard since I run track, but anyway, great work. Later.

Micael Widell E-Mail
Your homepage is great! I really like the 3D graphics.